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Heatwave Skincare - 3 tips to keep your skin cool, calm and hydrated

Rumour has it there's another heatwave on the way! That said, summer can be tough on your skin, with heat and humidity causing sensitivity flare ups, redness, oilier skin, breakouts and dehydration. We also need to be mindful of long-term damage from exposure to the sun and pollution causing pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. So here are my 3 top tips to keep your skin feeling hydrated, cool and calm as temperatures rise.

  1. prevent skin congestion with daily cleansing 
  2. keep your skin cool and boost the skin's hydration levels
  3. protect your skin from pollution and U.V. damage.

    Tip 1: Help prevent congestion

    Wipe the slate clean - sweep away the day's makeup, sweat, pollution, grime and SPF every night. Pamoja's Reset Cleansing Balm melts away the day with Moringa Oil, Organic Safflower Oil and Sacha Inchi Oils alongside Mango butter to cleanse, soothe, and nourish dryness and strengthen the skin barrier. Use daily with a face cloth to help exfoliate the skin by gently buffing away dead skin cells. 

    doesn't dry the skin but makes it look gorgeous and hydrated whilst thoroughly clean

    Let your skin breathe, and go makeup free or even wear less makeup. The last thing you want is a foundation that melts right off! If you need to wear makeup, opt for lightweight powders and sheer, oil-free foundations.

    Tip 2: Stay cool and hydrated

    Keep your skin cool by staying in the shade as much as possible, wearing a hat and drinking plenty of water.  As well as hydrating from the inside, drench your skin with hydration, taking every opportunity to layer hydration into your routine.  After cleansing, use two pumps of Replenish Hydrating Serum to cool, balance and brighten your skin.  You can also blend Replenish with your moisturiser or foundation.

    Replenish is a twice-a-day treatment with a light, gel-like texture that instantly soothes and feels like a long drink for your skin.  Unlike other brightening products like vitamin C, it's gentle on sensitive skin yet supercharges your routine with plumping Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide to balance oil production and calm inflammation and prebiotic Ectoin to maintain a healthy, hydrated skin barrier.   Use it liberally, and even keep it in the fridge for an extra cooling skin feel.

    Next, follow with Revive Multi-action 
    Face Cream to keep your skin feeling soothed, moisturised and protected. Packed with antioxidant-rich upcycled Raspberry Seed Oil and Kahai Oil, naturally derived hyaluronic acid and gentle actives strengthen your skin barrier and protect it from pollution-induced pigmentation, lines and sensitivity. 

    Finally, with my lightweight antioxidant facial oil, lock in extra moisture and promote a healthy glow. Restore Radiance Booster contains Organic Sea Buckthorn, with rare omega 7, to help rejuvenate skin damaged by the sun.



    Stay hydrated from within by drinking eight glasses of room temperature (not cold) water throughout the day. The water content of foods is often overlooked, so don't forget you can boost skin hydration levels by eating nutrient-dense foods such as canteloupe, watermelon, grapefruit, oranges and even cauliflower.



    Tip 3: Prioritise protection

    Lastly, always wear sunscreen/SPF, apply it to your face, and protect your lips, neck, chest and hands. Look for mineral-based formulations designed for the face to avoid clogging pores. Finally, apply SPF as the final stage of your morning skincare routine.  

    TLDR.....(too long, didn't read). Your three key takeaways are.

    1. prevent skin congestion with a twice-daily cleanse, 
    2. boost the skin's hydration and moisture levels with a hydrating serum, moisturiser and facial oil, and 
    3. never forget your SPF, and hydrate from within with plenty of water and water-rich fruit and veggies!


    Stay relaxed and safe, everyone. 🌿💦💚

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    Thanks for reading.
    Love Sarah x 

    Pamoja is a high-performing natural skincare brand designed to help you nourish your skin and nurture yourself. Now with over 240+ five-star reviews. As seen in Vogue, Stylist, Woman's Health, Health and Wellbeing Magazine, Natural Health Magazine, Top Sante and more.


    ** Disclaimer - The content of this blog is for your general information only and not designed to diagnose or cure health issues. The recommendations in this blog are based on my research and experience as a trained skincare formulator and 40+ women. I advise you to consult a doctor or health care professional if you have a particular skin condition such as Acne or Eczema.   


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