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Return, Earn & Reuse

Return your empties, earn £5 off your next purchase and I'll reuse - it's simple.

You asked, I listened.  I know being more sustainable is so important to you, and being able to return used containers and know they're going to be used again is something you've asked for.  So, I’m really excited to launch my Return, Earn and Reuse Scheme for Pamoja packaging.  At Pamoja, I'm committed to being more sustainable, and am always looking for ways to do better.

The Return, Earn and Reuse Scheme is designed to create an even more sustainable approach to product packaging whilst giving you more value each time you shop with Pamoja. 

Let's work together to be kinder to the planet.  With your support, we can all benefit! 

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How does it work?

Step 1: Collect 3+ Pamoja containers, wash them in soapy water and pack them securely into the box your order came in along with your name and email address.  You can use any box, but using mine reduces waste. 

Step 2: Address to Pamoja Skincare Ltd, Clavering House, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3NG.  Post the box 2nd class at your local post office or purchase and print postage online at and drop it off at the post office.  Please note 2nd class Royal Mail shipping is currently £3.20.

Step 3: Once I receive your box, I will email you a unique voucher code for £5 off your next order.  Don't forget to include your name and email address so I know who to send it to! 

Step 4: I'll clean, disinfect and reuse the glass containers in my next batch.  Lids will be recycled through Terracycle as it's necessary to have a fresh, new lid on all new products for hygiene reasons.   

*please note that you'll need to send a minimum of 3 containers, packed securely to prevent breakage.  

What do you get?

Enjoy £5 off when you purchase any products in your next order.  Don't forget you also get loyalty points on every purchase you make and free delivery on orders over £50!


simple skincare vegan Pamoja skincare revive cruelty free cleansing balm cosmetics cruelty free sensitive skincare options uk RETURN AND REUSE RECYCLE SUSTAINABLE SKINCARE BRAND

Why does it matter?

I am on a mission to be as sustainable as possible.  I've chosen Miron glass, high quality glass packaging that protects the precious natural ingredients and keeps your product clean and safe.  For Pamoja, at this stage of business, it's also the most sustainable option, as it can be recycled and/or reused.  Reusing glass containers is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to reduce the environmental impact of packaging. Refilling and reusing glass containers directly reduces the demand for manufacturing new packaging, reduces waste and energy consumption. Significant reductions in waste and energy consumption can be achieved with just 7–8 reuses of a single bottle.

What if I don't want to take part?

If you don’t wish to take part, you can relax knowing that all packaging is recyclable, even the tape on your parcel can be recycled.  The delivery box, leaflets and shredded packing paper can be added to your compost heap as they're all biodegradable. 

Plus for every order placed, I will donate one tree.  I'm partnering with Treesisters to help restore forests in 10 mega-diverse countries around the world.

I'd love your thoughts

I hope you’ll enjoy using the Return, Earn & Reuse Scheme.  Please comment below, or drop me an email to let me know, I’d love your feedback, and any ideas of how I can improve further.

There are lots of other ways in which shopping with Pamoja can help you to be more sustainable.  Find out more here.  

Thanks for reading!

Sarah x

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