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How to cleanse - why you need to know about the oil cleansing method

You might be wondering why on earth you should cleanse your skin with oil, sounds crazy right? But what if I told you, that using the oil cleansing method to cleanse your skin can help you to achieve happy, healthy glowing skin that never feels tight and dry and turns your evening cleanse from a chore into a simple everyday joy. Let me explain why you need to know about the oil cleansing method and the best type of cleanser to use.

 Why is oil cleansing good for the skin?

  •  It’s quick, easy and effortless removing makeup, dirt, pollutants, SPF in one go making it an easy first step in a simple skincare routine
  • You don’t need a separate eye makeup remover
  • It helps your skin to feel soft, smooth, nourished and hydrated
  • It's a ritual, providing you with a mindful experience, and a moment of calm, in the evening

Your skin contains a natural moisturiser called sebum which resembles oil.   Sebum is produced within the sebaceous glands of the dermis and helps to maintain the skin’s waterproofing protection.  When sebum levels become imbalanced, the sebaceous glands can over produce sebum leading to breakouts.  Many plant-based oils closely resemble sebum and so by using these oils in your skincare routine you balance your skin very naturally, even out skin tone and help to prevent blemishes from occurring. But why does that work so effectively?  Well, Oils are a type of solvent, they attract other oils and help to dissolve makeup, dirt and pollutants, as well as excess oil from your skin.  They cleverly do this while softening, nourishing and helping to maintain the natural pH of your skin (4.5-6).

"Oil cleansing is a 100% natural, healthy and holistic way to cleanse your skin"

Using oils to cleanse and nourish the skin is a ‘beauty secret’ that goes back thousands of years. The Ancient Romans rubbed olive oil onto their skin, removing it with a strigil* in hot plunge baths and ancient Egyptians used castor, fenugreek, moringa, olive and sesame oils; the latter two being favourites of Cleopatra. Australian Aboriginal tribes used emu and macadamia oils in addition to other indigenous plant oils for cleansing the skin.  There is also a long Ayurvedic tradition of using oils to support and maintain skin health.

*an instrument with a curved blade used, especially by ancient Greeks and Romans, to scrape sweat and dirt from the skin in a hot-air bath or after exercise.

Is oil cleansing good for all skin types?

Yes, as long as the cleanser has been carefully designed with a blend of ingredients that are non-comedogenic (less likely to clog the skin), natural colours and modest levels of essential oils. 

 "Oil cleansing is effective, effortless and feels indulgent"

Did you know that 32% of women spend less than 5 minutes on their evening skincare routine? (Mintel).  If you’ve ever found cleansing a time-consuming chore or uncomfortable experience, then oil cleansing is definitely for you!   Because it is effortless and multitasking, it’s also a perfect way to cleanse as the first stage in a simple skincare routine.

How to use an oil cleanser

Warm a blueberry sized amount of balm in your hands, massage into dry skin with gentle upward, circular movements.  Don’t forget the neck area.  Rinse a cloth in warm water, our double-faced organic cotton face cloth provides gentle exfoliation and a thorough cleanse every single time.  Press it against your face and enjoy the warmth and steam, then wipe away to cleanse the face.  Rinse and repeat.

"Turn your cleansing routine into a soothing evening ritual"


Start by taking a moment to breathe in the calming aroma of your cleanser. Relax your neck and shoulders. Breathe in deeply through your nose, pushing out your tummy. Exhale slowly through your mouth to release tension...relax, reset and rewind before bed. Use this as a mindful moment, time for calm and reflection.  Perhaps you have a favourite mantra or affirmation you can practice as you cleanse. 

Reset Cleansing Balm

A luxurious and buttery cleansing balm with a very light silky texture that glides over your skin, doesn't clog the pores or feel too heavy for more sensitive skin types.

The balm leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, soft smooth and nourished.  You’ll never find cleansing a chore again! 

Reset contains a unique combination of skin loving plant oils and butters including

  •  Castor oil and moringa oil which are known to be effective at drawing impurities from the skin
  • Safflower oil which is packed with linoleic acid, and can help to minimise the appearance of scars[1]
  • Sacha Inchi – rich in mega 3, helps to nourish and balance the skin
  • Carrot root – a powerful antioxidant helps to protect the skin
  • Geranium – helps to balance sebum and boost mood
  • Roman chamomile - soothing and calming
  • Mango butter contains stearic acid which helps to draw oil from the skin, and also helps to moisturise and revitalise.

All ingredients are clean and ethically sourced, packaging is eco-friendly, fully recyclable and reusable. 

Shop Reset Cleansing Balm and for the most sensitive skin Reset is also available in an essential oil free version.   

The most simple and effective cleansing tool to use with Reset is an organic cotton cloth

Follow with a hydrating moisturiser.

Have you ever tried the oil cleansing method?

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[1] (https://bit.ly/2Wx4oL9)

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