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Soft organic cotton face cloth for makeup remover natural cleansing balms reusable muslin facial tool

Organic Cotton Cloth

What it is: a super soft cotton cloth handmade in India with GOTS certified organic cotton yarn.

The eco-friendly Organic Muslin Facial Cloth is super softsimple and convenient, working beautifully with Reset Cleansing Balm to effectively remove makeup and cleanse impurities. The  soft cloth gently removes your cleansing balm, helps to exfoliate and improve circulation to reveal healthier, glowing skin. Say goodbye to disposable face wipes and cotton pads, use your cloths over and over again and reduce waste to landfill.

How to use: Apply Reset Cleansing Balm to dry skin on your face and neck.  Rinse the cloth under warm water and squeeze out any excess water.  Hold the cloth over your face for 5 seconds, then in gentle circular movements, remove the cleanser from your face and neck. 

One cloth.  

For best results, use a clean cloth daily.  Machine wash. 

Ethically sourced and hand made with from GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, helping women to improve lives in India.



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