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Did you spot Pamoja in Natural Health Magazine?

Did you spot Pamoja Skincare in the April (2021) edition of 'Natural Health Magazine' the UK's top holistic wellness magazine?  I was asked to contribute my top tips for their article '15 questions Every Woman Should Ask About Beauty, Ageing and Ethical living', and was so excited to see 3 of my tips published!!   


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Do I need to protect my skin from pollution?

Yes, it’s an important anti-ageing strategy for your skin. Exposure to air pollution particles is known to contribute to premature ageing by compromising the skin barrier resulting in increased pigmentation, water loss, lines and wrinkles and reduced elasticity. To protect the skin from air pollution you need to thoroughly cleanse, using a gentle cleanser like Reset that will promote a healthy skin barrier. Avoid using harsh scrubs which disrupt the skin barrier. Secondly, apply a topical cream like Revive Multi-action Face Cream which is formulated with ingredients scientifically proven to protect and repair skin affected by pollution.

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How can I make my skincare routine more sustainable without starting over from scratch?

The number of clean and conscious choices can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. Take one step at a time. You can still benefit your skin, and the planet, by consciously switching one product for a more sustainable alternative. I have 3 tips:
1. Ditch the disposable wipes. Wipes make up more than 90% of material blocking sewers. An oil-based cleansing balm like Reset and face cloth is a perfect solution if you want to ditch disposable wipes and reduce waste. It’s an especially good option if your skin is dry or feels tight and uncomfortable after cleansing. Wipes are abrasive and can easily disrupt your skin barrier causing sensitivity and dehydration.
2. A multi-purpose beauty oil, like Restore, would be a great option if you want to replace 2 or 3 products with one that multitasks effectively, made with ingredients carefully chosen to be beneficial for skin, hair and nails.  Check out my blog on Hot to Use a Multi-purpose Oil in 6 Ways.

3. A high performing multi-action moisturiser, like Revive, would be an excellent choice if you haven't the time for layering serums but want all the benefits of a multi-step skincare routine.

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Is vegan the same as cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free does not necessarily mean vegan and vice versa! Vegan simply refers to the absence of animal ingredients in products. Cruelty-free means that a product hasn't been tested on animals. A vegan product might use ingredients tested on animals, and a cruelty-free product could include animal ingredients!

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Thanks for reading.  You might be interested in the last blog on 'How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine'. 

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