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How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine

The skincare industry has a baffling array of choices. With a constant stream of new skincare launches and promotions, it's easy to be overwhelmed or to overstock your beauty shelf. When you stop to think about those products though, do you need them all to have healthy, glowing skin? Can fewer products do the same job? Simplifying your skincare routine can bring a lot of benefits.  If you've ever wondered 'how do I simplify my skincare routine?' then read on, as today's blog is all about helping you to minimize that stash and maximize the results!

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Benefits of a Minimalist Skincare Routine:

1. Save Money

Oils and creams are a real treat, but all those potions can really add up when it comes to expenses. The average woman spends about £570 each year* on skincare, but how much of that gets used or brings the marketed benefits? By choosing a simple skincare routine you can save a lot of money, especially when you opt for formulas that can target multiple needs at once. Instead of spending hundreds on dozens of treatments, choose just a few high quality and results-driven products. For example, by switching out a handful of hydration and moisturizing facial treatments for one pot of Revive Multi-action Face Cream you get around two hundred applications that address dehydration, redness, pollution, elasticity, dullness, and more.



how to simplify simple skincare routine healthy glowing skin revive multi action face cream hydrating skincare vegan cruelty free hyaluronic acid

2. Save Space

Studies show that women use an average of sixteen beauty products every day – that is a lot of treatments for one person! All the bottles, jars, and pots take up a lot of room, so why not cut back and clear out? Rather than having a face wash, micellar water, and makeup remover, go for an all in one like our Reset Cleansing Balm which can melt away makeup and leave your face clean and nourished in one simple step. Reducing the number of products in your beauty cupboard and simplifying your skincare routine can save a surprising amount of space, and as a bonus de-cluttering, the counter can help clear up your mind** too.

3. Save Your Skin

While using more may seem like the solution on the surface, it may be doing more harm than good. Check the bottle and see how many ingredients are listed, now multiply that by how many products you use. That's a lot to be introducing to your skin! A stressed-out face can result in irritation, increased acne, redness. By reducing the number of products and selecting a more minimalist routine you can reduce sensitivity and get your skin back on track.


how to simplify simple skincare routine healthy glowing skin Reset Cleansing Balm natural vegan cruelty free skincare british made gifts botanical healthy glowing skin barrier


4. Save the Planet

Saving money, space, and the health of your skin is important, but if that isn't enough then why not save the planet by simplifying your routine? The beauty industry produces 120 billion units***  of packaging each year and often uses non-biodegradable silicones and phthalates in formulations. By opting for a minimalist skincare ritual you can lessen the burden on the environment by reducing emissions from transport, the amount of packaging you use and the number of ingredients rinsed down the drain.


how to simplify your skincare routine healthy glowing skin

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How to Simplify Your Skincare Routine:

There are so many benefits to simplifying a skincare routine, but how do you go from a shelf full of products to a minimalist ritual? Don't fret – it's pretty easy!

Take stock - first, it's time to take a quick inventory. What do you have, and how many products in total?  Have any of your products passed their use by date or did you find they didn't suit your skin type?  

Once the inventory is finished, ask yourself how many steps you actually want (or need!) in your full skincare routine. While seven or ten-step rituals are promoted as miracle solutions, your skin can become easily overwhelmed if you use too many products, sometimes simple is more effective.    

Keep it simple - the three essential parts of a beauty routine are cleansing, hydration, and protection.  Pamoja aims to make it easier with a capsule range designed to offer just that, as well as multi-tasking formulas crafted to be versatile and long-lasting. The goal is to help you consume less and waste less while still offering skin-quenching goodness!  Relax your neck and shoulders and focus on cleansing and moisturising your skin. Just a couple of minutes to gently massage your skin is incredibly restorative and is a quick and easy way to develop a consistent routine.

Reset - if your skin has been more sensitive or feeling out of balance and you're not sure why it's worth considering a skin reset.  Switch to Pamoja's essential oil free cleansing balm and soothing oil to deeply clean and restore your skin to help bring back it's natural radiance.  Once your skin has settled down, you can always reintroduce other products one by one.   

Multitask - by carefully selecting multi-tasking products, you can create a capsule collection in no time at all. For example, did you know that with just one bottle of Restore Radiance Booster Oil you can nourish the face, massage the skin, soften cuticles, tame frizz, treat brittle hair, and moisturise dry elbows and knees? The carefully curated blend of omega rich fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins is ideal for healing and protecting, and makes for a potent nutrient booster for all skin types.


how to simplify simple skincare routine healthy glowing skin  restore multipurpose beauty oil natural vegan cruelty free british made versatile multi tasking effective


Skincare Minimalism

That's the beauty of a simple beauty routine: not only do you nourish your skin and help the planet, but you can also really maximise the benefits with high performing natural ingredients and expertly blended formulas. A minimalist ritual brings so many benefits and you can have more time doing what you love.  

Brand founder Sarah Taylor says "I created Pamoja to help women on the go feel good - to nourish their skin and nurture themselves without the fuss of a complicated routine. The products in my range forma a simple, effective routine formulated with high performing natural ingredients that feed the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Transparent product labels mean you know exactly what you are putting on your skin."

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