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How to enjoy natural skincare if you have food allergies

As a parent of a child with a severe peanut allergy, I know how stressful life can be. We face many challenges in managing the allergy and trying to maintain a 'normal' life. With no cure available, we avoid peanuts like the plague and manage the risks as best we can. Eating out, starting school, travelling or attending a playdate can be an anxious experience, and limited choices can feel very unfair. Choosing skincare will become another area of concern as my daughter grows up and begins to look after her skin.

As a family it's vital for us to adapt, to mitigate and most importantly to remain positive. Find out how I've taken positive steps to increase choice for others with my range of natural, sustainable and inclusive skincare products. Although far from perfect, the food industry is way ahead of the beauty industry in terms of labelling of allergens. As a family, we have become expert at reading ingredient lists on the back of food packaging, looking out for allergens written in bold print and English. In the beauty industry ingredients must be written in Latin due to regulatory requirements and the need for a standardised format that is recognised and understood internationally. However, this can make it very difficult to fully understand what you are putting on your skin, an area of concern for allergy sufferers.

Did you know that the Latin name for hazelnut oil is Corylus Avellana oil?

The great news is that natural skincare is now mainstream. Awareness is growing of the benefits of plant oils rich in beneficial compounds, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are so beneficial in helping to soothe, nourish, hydrate and protect the skin and are found in greater abundance in unrefined plant oils, sometimes described as cold-pressed. These are the oils which are closest in chemical composition to the original plant and which, according to Allergy UK, are more likely to pose risks of an allergic reaction.

Ingredient labels meet strict requirements but have botanical ingredients highlighted in plain English so that food allergy sufferers can make more informed choices.  Of course, any ingredient can be a potential allergen to someone somewhere, so it's important to patch test any new product. 

Pamoja skincare products are designed and formulated without the following:-













Cereals containing gluten such as wheat, oat and barley

I believe there are so many other fabulous plant oils and butters available to us as formulators and love to work with high-quality natural, organic and wild-harvested oils that are suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive and allergy-prone skin.  For example, Reset Cleansing Balm is a luxurious, buttery balm that melts away makeup, grime and pollutants leaving your skin feeling clean, calm, hydrated and protected.    Handmade in small batches with Organic Sacha Inchi Oil from Peru, a highly nourishing oil and one of the richest plant sources of Omega 3. Wild-harvested Murumuru butter from Brazil is rich in lauric acid, wonderfully moisturising and provides a buttery texture to our cleansing balm.

Our customer Catherine recently reviewed Reset Cleansing Balm and said: "The Holy Grail. I LOVE this stuff. I have been using Reset cleansing balm morning and night for only 10 days, and already my skin is improving. It looks less congested, a lot healthier and has calmed 2 stubborn red scars from guttate psoriasis. The consistency is perfect, no mess, no pulling, dragging or rubbing to get that last bit of makeup off. I love knowing that so much care and thought that has gone into the ingredients and it's so far removed from the mass market synthetic concoctions I've used before. Cleansing my face is no longer a chore, but a wee moment of calm. I could never have imagined waxing lyrical about a cleansing balm...but here we are!".

Reset is also available essential oils.

Reset Cleansing Balm Essential Oil-Free recently won an Editor's Choice award at The Beauty Shortlist & Wellbeing Awards 2020.  It has a grassy, salad-like scent and is perfect for extra sensitive skin types.  Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil also comes without essential oils and has a light refreshing, grassy aroma.  Bryanna from the EcoLogical particularly enjoyed both of these products!  The third product in the range is Revive Multi-action Face Cream, a high performance multitasking face cream that helps to instantly and deeply hydrate, and leave your skin feeling brighter, smoother and calmer.    

I think that for too long food allergy sufferers have felt excluded and, with allergies on the rise, I feel it is time that things changed!

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