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DIY Facial Massage

A facial massage is a super easy, relaxing ritual to practice for natural healthy glowing skin.  It's free, you don't need any special tools and it can transform your skincare routine a mindful moment of calm.  Here's my guide to doing a DIY massage at home.    

Using a natural plant based facial oil will feed your skin with healthy omega essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Taking it one step further by massaging your skin with this oil will boost the effects of the oil and give you added value from your purchase.  It's a particular treat for skin that's feeling dull, stressed or perhaps when you've been using a screen more often, and are feeling signs of stress and tension in your brow or neck area.  It helps to relieve tension and help calm a busy mind while making the most of all the beautiful natural oils you may have. You can do this daily or even once a week as part of a self care routine that makes a real difference to your skin.   

Restore Multi-purpose Beauty Oil is a beautiful oil for massage and is available with or without essential oils (if you don't have Restore, use another natural, plant based oil but do avoid heavy oils like coconut and olive which can clog your skin).

Key benefits:

✔️Boosts the absorption of your products
✔️Assists in drainage of toxins
✔️Increases blood flow bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin
✔️Helps increase cell turnover
✔️Works your facial muscles 
✔️Helps lift and tone your skin
✔️Releases tension 
✔️Boosts your mood


    Find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed.  Add some soft music, candles or guided meditation.    

    How to massage:

    • First cleanse your skin thoroughly. 
    • Close your eyes. Try to focus your mind in the here and now.
    • Relax your jaw, cheek muscles and shoulders and start by gently stretching your neck from side to side, backwards and forwards a couple of times.
    • Warm 4-5 drops of oil into clean hands and breathe in the aroma. 
    • Pat the oil onto face and neck. 
    • Remember the feeling of sweeping gentle movements when you have a facial?  That's how you're going to move your hands, repeating each movement 6 times...
    • Sweep hands down your neck from your ears to collar bone
    • Lift your chin and sweep hands upwards over your neck.
    • Circle fingers around mouth
    • Holding your chin with one hand, tilt your head to one side, relax your cheek muscles and use the other hand to push and lift your skin from chin to ear gently. Hold for a count of 5. Repeat on other cheek. 
    • From your nose sweep fingers cross to ear under your cheekbone.  
    • Sweep fingers around the bone area above and below your eyes. Gently tap under eye area.
    • Sweep fingers up your forehead and across to your temples. Take care not to drag the skin.  
    • Massage in small circles around your temples.
    • Finish by tapping all over your face and neck gently with your fingertips.

    Your skin will hopefully now feel soft, smooth, relaxed and tingly, and you'll be hopefully feeling more relaxed.

    💤 An evening massage before bed is a great way to prepare for a good night's sleep and help your skins natural overnight rejuvenation process. 

    Do let me know if you try the massage or have any tips to share.

    If you'd like to try a natural plant based oil, Restore is perfect for facial massage.  It's non greasy, but 4-5 drops will provide enough slip to allow your hands to glide over your skin. It's l is packed with Omega 3,5,6,7 and 9, vitamin A and E and antioxidant beta-carotene.  

    There are lots of other ways to use Restore, read my blog post for 6 quick and easy uses for a multipurpose oil. 

    Ethical blogger Bryanna from the Ecological has this to say about Restore: "its a lightweight marvel that leaves you with velvety soft skin and a more radiant complexion".  Read her full review here.

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    Sarah x

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