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Pamoja skincare swahili word meaning together

What does Pamoja mean?

Pamoja [pam-oh-ja] A Swahili word meaning Together

People often ask why I chose the name Pamoja!

Choosing a name for a business is like naming a baby, you want the name of your business to be one you love, to be meaningful and able to evolve - it is so tricky!

I spent months working with a creative agency on the brand strategy and design process. After weeks of careful research and discussion of different options, I couldn't settle on a name and decided it was time to dig deep into my story and heritage.

The Swahili connection comes from my Tanzanian family, spread all across the world. I grew up in the north of England, but in my adult years I've gotten to know my Tanzanian side of the family, and we share a bond and strong sense of togetherness despite the distance.

The word Pamoja also connects with my mission to help you to

  • be happy in your skin,
  • to find time for yourself and
  • live more sustainably.

The circles in the logo represent the theme of togetherness, unity, wholeness and of course, inclusion.

You might not know that I have a Swahili middle name Upendo, which means Love. My daughters also have Swahili names. You see, I have come full circle. It seemed only right to choose a Swahili name for this third baby of mine, and I feel it's perfect!

Tuko pamoja - we are together.

Sarah x

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  • Liv-Ellen on

    Nice to meet you yesterday. I love our time in Tanzania. Good to see you are connected to your heritage. I am working with the Rotary Club of Moshi. Hoping to go there soon. Tutaonana!

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