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Did You Spot Pamoja in the Strategist 'Best Face Oil' Feature?

Did you spot Pamoja Skincare in the 'Strategist UK on 9th October 2020?  Eight cool, glowy women — including makeup artists, actors, and novelists — recommended their top picks for face oils that leave your skin glowing.  

Kate from Sonder and Tell tells us she is 'obsessed' with Restore, our British made facial oil, which works as a stand-in for moisturiser as it’s “light enough to be used as an everyday base for makeup....great for hair, nails, and dry spots.....and a nifty little product to take with you when you travel and have limited space".

Restore is great for soothing, promoting softer skin and locking in moisture to help maintain a healthy skin barrier.  Pair with Reset Cleansing Balm essential oil free version and you have a mighty duo for cleansing and moisturising extra sensitive skin.   

Wondering how to use an oil on your face? 

Check out my blog on Hot to Use a Multi-purpose Oil in 6 Ways.

If you love a natural scent, there’s a version of Restore with essential oils too, including Red Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood resin.  

P.S. Every product featured in The Strategist is rigorously selected by (obsessive and unbiased) editors - their words!


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